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2024 Camp Huckabuck Ladies Only Two Wheel Campout



Who is Camp Huckabuck for?
Camp Huckabuck is a Ladies Only two-wheeled campout in Central Alberta Canada.

Camp Huckabuck mission: Encourage & fuel the first ride or the best ride. Building female community & personal independence. Empowering & equipping riders with motorcycle & outdoor knowledge.

What the heck does Huckabuck mean?
(huk - ah – buck)
When you’re riding your bike (motorized or pedal) and you hit a piece of terrain that gets you a little out of control. "Woah I just got huckabuck through those woops!"
We’ve all been there... so why not laugh about it! The name sparked when we were first starting SurfinBerms and we were trying to come up with a ride day name, huck-a-buck was thrown around by Danika’s Dad and the crew said we have to do a “Camp Huckabuck” one day!

What does it mean by two-wheeled?
Our event core is based on riding bikes. The event has a moto track and offroad trails to ride. Ladies can also ride street/adventure bikes into the event and camp. Ladies can attend without a bike, but the event fun is mostly based on riding. You can bring your mountain bike to pedal around the pits, but there are no mountain bike designated trails (they cannot be on the moto track or offroad trails).

What type of bike do I need?
Any offroad or motocross dirt bike will be great, or ride any street bike in and camp for the weekend! 

What gear do I need?
A DOT helmet must be worn at ALL TIMES on any motorcycle.
Boots, goggles, protective gear, gloves, jersey and pants are all very heavily recommended.
Hydration pack is always nice to have. 

Where is the event?
The event is about 35 minutes outside of Red Deer in the beautiful Alberta country side! The facility is Xtreme Raceways in Alix Alberta. Location link here:
Xtreme Raceways
Township Rd 392, Alix, AB T0C 0B0
8PX6+3M Alix, Alberta

Do I need a ticket to enter the event?
Yes, everyone entering the event needs to have a ticket. All tickets will be on sale before the event. If tickets are sold out then we will hopefully see you at the next one. All tickets must match your legal name. If you give someone or sell your ticket, you must transfer it to their name. 

Where do I buy tickets?
Online tickets for Camp Huckabuck 2024 are live on our website only!
We recommend getting you tickets online before Camp Huckabuck to save some money, make getting into the event very smooth (probably our great friends + moms volunteering at the gate), tickets at the gate will be CASH ONLY, and could be sold out before you get there! 
Tickets at gate [cash only]
- $135 Weekend 18+ Ladies Only Ticket ($150 Cash at gate)
- $45 Sunday Only Ladies Rider Ticket ($50 Cash at gate)
- $35 Sunday Only Girls 14 and Under Rider Ticket ($40 Cash at gate)
- $15 Sunday Only Spectator Ticket ($20 Cash at gate)

What if I only want to come Saturday?
If you're only able to come Saturday you will still need to get a 18+ Ladies Only Weekend Admission Ticket. This ticket not only gets you in to be a spectator, you also get to ride and you get all the fun adds as well like giveaways, trackside snacks, high fives and more! Here's a breakdown of tickets:
$135 Weekend 18+ Ladies Only Ticket ($150 Cash at gate)
This is for ladies 18 years or older to come and go from Friday to Sunday. This ticket includes riding and camping. This is an admission ticket so bike or no bike this is the ticket for you for weekend admission. If you are camping this includes camping for Friday and Saturday Night. If you are only planning on coming Saturday this is still the ticket you will need to grab. 

$45 Sunday Only Ladies Rider Ticket ($50 Cash at gate)
This is for ladies 15 years or older for Sunday riding only. If you can't make the whole weekend come on out for a fun day on your bike! 

$35 Sunday Only Girls 14 and Under Rider Ticket ($40 Cash at gate)
This is for girls 14 years or younger for Sunday riding only! Sunday is funday so all ages, everyone is welcome! Lets go grom girls! 

$15 Sunday Only Spectator Ticket ($20 Cash at gate)
This is for spectators. Bring the whole family and all your friends but still ladies and girls are the only ones on bikes! Spectators are included in all our fun off bike events as well. Like giveaways, trackside snacks, morning coffee and more!s 

I’m a pretty new rider is this event for me?
Definitely! Come out and ride! All our events are all levels always encouraged. You’ll meet lots of friends at these events that will be willing to show you around. There are also Rad 2.0 lessons available that you should book into to gain more confidence. Never ride alone!

I’m a very good rider is this event for me?
Of course! There will be all levels at this event. This isn’t a “I’m training for a race” type riding but come have fun, meet/encourage new riders and gain some more skills.

I don’t know any other riders so should I come?
That’s what these events are for, bringing ladies from all different backgrounds together. Park beside someone you don’t know, slap some high-fives, you’ll probably find a rad trail buddy!

How old do I need to be?
Friday and Saturday all individuals entering must be 18+.
Sunday is open for the whole family and all ages. Think of Sunday as a Ladies + Girls regular SurfinBerms ride! All levels, all ages Sunday! 

Why is Friday and Saturday 18+?
We love all ages and all levels of riders, but there is 18+ events happening on these two days so there is no underaged participants able to be on site.

I am going to camp do I need to have a weekend ticket and a parking/camp ticket?
Camping is included in your  $135 Weekend 18+ Ladies Only Ticket ($150 Cash at gate) ticket! It is still recommended to find your friends and carpool together, because thats how some fun memories are made! 

I am only wanting to come one day can I just get a day pass?
Sunday is our only day you can just buy a single day for. We are renting out the full facility from Friday to Sunday so we will only be offering the two types of admissions. [$135 Weekend 18+ Ladies Only Online Ticket]
come and go any day Friday to Sunday or [$45 Sunday Only Ladies Rider Online Ticket or $35 Sunday Only Girls 14 and Under Rider Online Ticket] this is Sunday entry and riding only.

I am coming to the event but not camping, where should I stay?
No worries! Come and go as you please. Some riders that live close even went home at night! Red Deer is only 35 minutes away with lots of lodging. If you’re looking for a hotel check out the Red Deer Resort & Casino!

I'd love to get some lessons while at camp, is there anything available? 
Rad 2.0 is an all family business on the leading edge of off-road coaching. Led by the founder, Shane Cuthbertson, they have many years of experience riding/racing across the globe. Stay tuned for Rad 2.0 off-road coaching at Camp Huckabuck for ladies and girls!

Can I get a refund?
Tickets are non-refundable under any circumstances. You can transfer the ticket to another individual and they can pay you directly.

This event is ladies only what if I’m a dude and I am bringing a daughter, bringing a girlfriend, or need to drop off a trailer?
Sunday is open to all ages, and anyone can come. LADIES + GIRLS ARE THE ONLY ONES RIDING AT ALL TIMES. Family, friends, and dudes can come out and spectate Sunday (spectators must have a spectator ticket). Only ladies are allowed on site for Friday and Saturday. That even means for bringing trailers or bikes in. ONLY INDIVIDUALS WITH A TICKET CAN ENTER THE GATES. This is due to insurance reasons, this means no pop ins, drop offs, etc. Please its probably our awesome moms working the front gates and don't be a hard time for them. Be a Bud, Not a Spud. Ladies if you need help getting your bike to the event make sure to post on our Facebook page to try and link up with other ladies to get you there. Some of our crew will be dudes, they are there strictly to help with the event and are part of the BermsCrew.

What should I bring to Camp Huckabuck?
- Your Dirt Bike!
- If you plan on camping, bring all necessary camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, blankets, lights etc)
- Lawn Chair
- Drinking Water
- Food and Snacks
- Cash to buy food on site
- Drinks
- Change of clothes (warm and cool weather clothing)
- Extra Toilet Paper (there will be porta potties but its always good to have extra)
- Fuel for your motorcycle
- Yoga Mat if joining free Sunday Yoga
- Awesome attitude (no bad attitudes allowed, we’re here for fun so let’s keep the stoke high!)

What is on site?
- Offroad and MX riding
- Concession with food to purchase
- Community Hut (event tent open for everyone)
- Portable washrooms (no running water)
- Designated bon fire/heaters
- There is no power on site
- Entertainment throughout weekend

Is there charging/electricity on site?
There are no trailer hookups, no electricity plug ins. Make sure to bring battery packs if needed. Red Deer is 35 minutes away if you need to run into town for anything! 

What if it’s raining or snowing in July?
Camp Huckabuck will run rain or shine. If it’s raining very heavy some sections of course may have to be closed and reviewed for opening. We will do everything to keep everyone riding. Camping will be open, and we will have a Community Hut to hangout in. If its snowing? Oh gosh wouldn’t surprise us in Alberta but make sure to check the weather forecast leading up to the event to pack accordingly. 

Can I bring my pet?
We freeken love animals, that’s why we recommend you leaving them at home since this is a two-wheeled event. If you do need to bring your dog since they’ll have no accommodations while your camping, they must be leashed 100% of the time, and obviously picked up after. They cannot be left unattended because that’s not cool. 

Can I have an open fire?
No open fires. Propane fire rings can be used and must always be under supervision. There will be a main bonfire and heaters by the Community Hut. 

Can I promote my business at the event?
No marketing materials (flyers, stickers, banners etc. unless you are a sponsor of the event). 

Can we set up a Pit Tent?
No pit tents are allowed to be set up on the property unless you are a sponsor of the event. No pit tent turf wars.

I’d love to volunteer and help at this event?
Ladies and dudes please email us at to volunteer!

How can I sponsor the event?
We’d love to have you apart of the event, please email us at

More questions?!
Please email us at we're here to help! 

 Camp Huckabuck 2023 Group Photo


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Fox Racing Canada
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Located in Calgary, Alberta BFD Moto has been the go to moto rig at our Berms rides helping all riders with bike questions and issues. You'll be able to count on the BFD Moto rig being trackside at Camp Huckabuck along with Husqvarna demo bikes!

Rad 2.0 is an all family business on the leading edge of off-road coaching. Led by the founder, Shane Cuthbertson, they have many years of experience riding/racing across the globe. Check it out and get signed up for Rad 2.0 off-road coaching at Camp Huckabuck!

If you’re stumped on what to make for supper, dread grocery shopping with your littles, need inspiration at meal times, hate prepping food or are always just short on time, Supper Studio is here to help. The amazing sisters behind Supper Studio, Leah and Lori, have put together the best camp fire/BBQ/off the grid menu for Camp Huckabuck! Check out the menu for your post ride camp dinners! 


 Make sure to stop into Turple Bros on your way to Camp! Located right off Highway 2 at Gasoline Alley in Red Deer. Your one stop shop! Stop for parts, accessories, gear and bikes - then fuel up for the weekend across the street. Turple Bros Ltd is still family owned and operated, with its passionate founder, Glenn Turple. Broke something on your bike at the event? Forgot some gear? Turple Bros is only located 35 minutes from the event! Check out their great selection of all things powersports here