Who is SurfinBerms for?

Ladies that have a passion for motorcycles! We always encourage all skill levels, whether it is your first time on a motorcycle or you have been riding for years. SurfinBerms events offer a safe riding environment for all ability levels. 

What can I expect?

Ladies + Girls Ride Days

  • One motocross track will be reserved for the entire afternoon just for us! This is the perfect time to come try the track for the first time, ladies will have a chance to experience the track at their own pace. There is no pressure to hit all the jumps or put in your fastest lap time. These events are intended to make you feel comfortable in a new riding environment.
  • Good vibes only! Ladies at these events are welcoming and encouraging expect to meet a few new riding buddies!

Street Rides

  • We will set a specific meeting point, once everyone arrives we will travel as a group to a set location. We always have a leader and a follow vehicle to make sure everyone makes it safe and sound. Once we arrive you are free to come and go as you please. We encourage you to stay and connect with us for a while! 

How much is it to attend?

Most events are free to attend! However, some venues charge an entry fee. For example Wild Rose MX charges a $15 day pass for ladies. 

    I ride off-road and have my bike set up for enduro riding, can I still come to Ladies + Girls Ride Days at the track?

    Of course, we would love for you to come! Learning to ride at the track can provide a great set of skills you can use in your offroad riding. We recommend that you take it easy as you may find your bike reacting in different ways than you are use to. For example, if you are going to start jumping you may feel your suspension is too soft and you might not land safely. 

    What are the basic things I should bring with me?

    • Water & snacks! Food and beverage options are limited depending on event
    • Riding gear
    • Gas
    • Your motorcycle
    • Good vibes!

    I really want to attend but I would be coming solo, I am nervous about going by myself. Sometimes I have struggles with maintenance/staring my bike and loading/unloading, will there be someone available to help me?

    We recognize that it can be challenging logistically to attend events without your partner, but we would still love to see you there! If you are nervous about traveling alone remember you are part of the motorcycle community and there will always be someone to help you out. Do not hesitate to ask anyone to assist you. 

    What amenities will be on site?

    Washrooms are available on site for most SurfinBerms events.

    Do I need to have a motorcycle to attend?

    Of course not! We would love for you to come and check out our events. Some events will have test rides available for new riders. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a rental program available. 

    Will there be guided rides?

    Look for any of our SurfinBerms ambassadors, they would love to take you for a few laps around the track!

    Still have questions or concerns? 

    You can contact us here or send us an email at surfinberms@outlook.com