Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada is a pioneering manufacturer of premium enduro, motocross, street and travel motorcycles, all designed to deliver high performance. Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada has been fueling SurfinBerms for the past two years and brining stoke to all our ride days. Check them out here or go to your local dealer!

Fox Racing Canada
Since 1974, when Geoff Fox first introduced the world to the iconic fox head logo, Fox has been all about family. Not just the Fox family name— a legacy that continues to this day—but the idea of forging a family that celebrates life on two wheels and shares that passion with the world.
Fox Racing Canada fuels SurfinBerms and supports our Berms Crew of riders. If you're at any of our off-road events you can easily find one of the Berms Crew in their Fox Racing Black Tac Hydration Vests patched up with SurfinBerms. From Moto gear to MTB gear Fox has you covered head to toe! With an amazing network of dealers you can be looked after across Canada

SurfinBerms at Camp Huckabuck on Husqvarna Motorcycles with Fox Racing Motocross gear