SurfinBerms mission is to encourage and fuel the first ride or the best ride and we want to make that happen, whether it’s a ride out on the trails, a night at the track or a training class with the Berms Crew! We are very excited to bring motocross and off-road lessons to the Calgary and surrounding area. In 2023 we started the BOLT Lessons [Berms Off-road Ladies Training] which have been such a riot! With two class level offerings we were able to work with women off all ages and skill level.
More BOLT info and to book lessons here: https://surfinberms.ca/collections/lessons

SurfinBerms BOLT Lessons - Berms Off-road Ladies Training at Wild Rose MX

BOLT Berms Offroad Ladies Training


Lexi Pechout USMCA Berms Crew Coach

My name is Lexi Pechout and my background in racing and riding motorcycles is my entire life story. I grew up in the off-road motorcycle community where every weekend was spent riding or racing. I have spent the last 10 years racing a variety of different disciplines internationally such as the ISDE, XGames, AMA Endurocross, and Canadian Motocross Nationals. While I love to coach all levels of riders I have a passion for teaching women, the track and the trails can be intimidating and I love being able to show women how capable they are to tackle any obstacles they may face.

Danika White Berms Crew USMCA Coach

I’m Danika White and I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am an avid motorsports enthusiast with over 20 years of riding experience. I love sharing the stoke of two-wheels with new riders or riders looking to advance their technique. I run SurfinBerms, where we are here to encourage and fuel the first ride or the best ride. We thrive in building community and personal independence by hosting community builder ride days and events. We are here to empower and equip riders with two-wheeled and outdoor knowledge.