2022 EVENTS 


SurfinBerms Events MX Ladies + Girls Ride

SurfinBerms Ladies + Girls MX Nights!

Where - Wild Rose Motocross Association - Calgary, AB

Wednesday April 6th
Wednesday May 4th
Wednesday June 29th
Thursday August 18th
Thursday September 29th
Come and go anytime from 4pm - 8pm.

Dates subject to change weather permitting, please check our Facebook + Instagram for updates closer to ride dates. 

What to expect - The third Track at Wild Rose MX will be reserved for lady and girl riders. We’ll post which track the morning of on Instagram + Facebook

Wild Rose MX has a $15 gatefee for non-members.

There will be SurfinBerms Crew out there to help lead riders around that have never been or nervous. Find us in the black SurfinBerms race bibs!

All levels always encouraged!!

What you need to know
Any MX + Off-road Bike welcomed. Need help unloading your bike? We’ll help! Don’t know any other riders? Awesome! We’d love to meet you!

These rides are focused on building confidence, for new riders, and for young riders. - On these nights if you’re like “GIRL I AM SHREDDING THIS TRACK AND WANT TO GO FASTER & WANT SOMETHING MORE TECHNICAL” Heck yeah! There’s two other big tracks that will be open and you can ride those as well.

Bring your family, dudes and friends they can ride the other tracks and cheer you on at the SurfinBerms ride! Wild Rose MX is an amazing facility that has riding for all levels of riders!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Husqvarna Motorcycles Canada for fueling SurfinBerms rides and Wild Rose Motocross Association or having us!