Winter Riding

Feeling a bit cooped up? Don’t let winter stop you from riding your bikes! You’d think riding in the winter would be super icy and uneasy feeling, but it’s actually the opposite. In some instances, you get more traction than in the summer. Since the studs on the tires are carbide tipped, they bite into the ice like spiked shoes.
Really the only thing you need to get your bike into winter riding condition is a set of studded tires. There are a couple of different options to go with. Here is what we suggest: 
Mitas XT Studded Tires – Come pre-studded and are a winter specific compound rubber.   
Grip Studs – DIY studded tires. Studs are sold separately and you can install them into any tire. 

Both ways work great and can last for multiple winters. Though winter tires seem a bit pricey upfront, they last for multiple years (usually around 3-5 seasons depending on the aggression of riding). There are some more cost-effective options for studs, but the longevity just isn’t there. We recommend purchasing either the Mitas prestudded tires or Grips Studs.  

Danika has the Mitas XT Studded Tires and has run them for 5 winters. 

Lexi has Grip Studs installed in an IRC M5B rear tire and an IRC Volcanduro front tire. She has run these studs for 5 winters and has only had to reinstall them once into a different set of tires.   

Tip: Get a set of tire wraps to protect your trailer, truck box and garage floor.

Once your bike is all studded up, you just have to make sure you dress warm. Winter riding gear is extremely important when riding in the low temps. When you’re riding at the track at least you are close to your vehicle to take breaks to warm up. Alternatively, when riding off-road you need to make sure you’re prepared for all conditions.  

Winter riding gear is extremely important when riding in the low temps. Whether you are at the track or riding off-road we recommend starting with a base layer that is tight to the skin, this will keep your core temperature warm and wick away some of the sweat. We love wearing the Fox Legion lineup as it little more burly and warmer than regular race gear. The Fox Legion lineup provides great durability, has body zipper vents, and lots of pockets! Don’t forget to finish with a jacket or vest and a pair of warm gloves to keep the cold elements out.   

 In Calgary, we’re super lucky to have a track right in the heart of the city, Wild Rose MX. The facility is open on weekends (make sure to check their Instagram page for hours, usually all the tracks are open providing riding for the whole family no matter the skill level!  
If you have any specific questions on winter riding or have any other questions please send us a message or leave a comment!  


“I wish I would’ve taken up winter riding sooner, being able to get some bike time and break up the winter is such a treat” – Danika 


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