SurfinBerms Introduction

Welcome to SurfinBerms!

Our mission is to build community and encourage riders of all skills levels to get out on two wheels. The SurfinBerms community is intended to offer opportunities for like-minded individuals to connect. 
When you're on two wheels it's always a vacation. This is our passion, and we share it together. We are a collective of like minded individuals, together we make SurfinBerms. We ride, we race, we explore. We're here to encourage and fuel the first ride or the best ride. The best part of two wheels is the people you meet along the ride, and the friendships that last a lifetime.
Women in the sport has grown so much since we started, and has changed so much. With this growth it has inspired us to keep these women riding and encourage new individuals to take up riding. Everyone's introduction to two wheels is different. For us, there were not many women to look to for guidance, or even race with. Our story has been created by many experiences of trial and error, and doing our best to figure it out along the way. From all our experiences we want to give back, and share the stoke of riding. We're here to encourage and fuel the first ride or best ride.
Stay tuned for more product and gear reviews, riding skills, maintenance tips and events! 
Come shred with us in 2021!! 



  • I am super game for helping out with content! Two perspectives in particular that I can speak too is one, coming back into the sport years later after a major injury and two, being in my 40’s, still riding and still improving!

  • God luck. Definitely filling a void in the Sport. If you need any help….please call me.

    Siggi Pechout

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