Maintenance Tips - Oil Change

Maintenance Tips - Oil Change

Changing your oil and air filter regularly is one of the best insurances for keeping your bike running and avoiding future issues. Whether you ride a two stroke or a four stroke, offroad or moto, changing your oil and air filter could be the difference between significantly lengthening or shortening the life of your engine.

How do I know when I need to change my oil?

Determining when you need to check your oil is almost always measured in engine hours, it is difficult to check it any other way. Every motorcycle is different, we recommend you always check your service manual for proper service intervals. However, on this KTM 350SXF we change the oil every 5 engine hours. What kind of riding you do really factors into how often you are changing your oil. If you are a serious motocross racer you might be changing it after every race. If you are riding in sandy or muddy conditions the intervals could be shorter as well. One of the benefits to changing your oil frequently is ensuring there is no engine damage or metal running through the engine.

Keeping a log book for maintenance intervals is helpful to make sure you never miss a service.

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