New to Riding Motocross

Just got a dirtbike? New to motocross? Ride offroad? Come try the MX tracks!

There’re some really great tracks all around Alberta. We’re going to start sharing some local tracks and riding areas to give you the insight if you’ve never been there. If you have any more questions about the facilities we post please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you and help get you out there.

SurfinBerms is not affiliated with any riding areas or tracks. These reviews come from our observations gathered from first hand usage of the areas. These reviews are meant to give new riders to these areas a general idea of what to expect. Our goal is to get more and new riders to these great areas!

What to expect

All tracks are different and have their own character. The geographical location will change the soil content and the weather tendencies. Most tracks in southern Alberta are clay based and have a more hard-packed character. You will also encounter some sandier conditions and some dark top soil types of soil. Each track will also have its own characteristics based on the build type and track layout. We encourage you to travel around when you can and find your favorite tracks.

What do you need

The main item you would need is a dirtbike with off-road tires. When going to a motocross track or facility, these are usually private run not-for-profit clubs and not crown land. This meaning you don’t actually need licensing or insurance for your bike. For gear, your two key items are a DOT (Department of Transportation approved) helmet and a good pair of motocross boots. A complete gear set is recommended for your own safety and protection, but you don’t necessarily need that to ride.

Track Etiquette

Before going on any track make sure to read signage and check track direction. If you’re new to a riding area don’t be afraid to ask any of the locals riding questions on the tracks, whether that be direction, skills level type of the tracks, bike size allowance for track, types of track features that may not be seen from the spectator area etc.

- When entering a track make sure to do it from a safe open area where you can see if there are any other riders coming up.

- When clear enter the track. If this is your first lap on the track for the day, make sure to do a slow lap (even try standing the full lap so it slows you down) to check out the layout of the track, if anything has been changed, or if there’s anything to look out for like deep mud from the rain the day before, ruts that have developed over the day, jump faces that have worn away or been lipped up etc. If you’re nervous to go on an unknown track ask another rider if you could follow them for a lap, or they could follow you – take it slow and find your lines.

- While riding the tracks make sure to stay in your line, especially if there are other riders on the track. Staying in your line means don’t do any fast lane changes where you come from one side of the track to the other. What this causes is someone behind you may be coming up to pass and is anticipating you to stay where you are. Do not try and get out of the rider’s way that are coming up behind you – if they are faster they will find a time and spot to pass.

- Keep looking ahead, don’t look behind you. If you are looking behind you and turning your head this will make you start weaving around the track. Also, things come up quick while on the track so you wouldn’t want to hit something or someone.

- Passing – this goes for all levels of riders. Be respectful, give them space. This isn’t a race.

- If someone falls or you have fallen on the track – if you’re okay try and get your bike and yourself out of the way as fast as possible, or make yourself visible to riders that are coming up the track. If you need help, wave someone down, they will stop to help. Most importantly get yourself off to the side. If you come up on a crash, stop for the rider in a spot that is visible for other riders on the track.

- Make sure to never stop on the track. If you’d like to stop, make sure to pull off the main riding area and move onto the water truck roads or brush.

- When exiting a track try and plan the exit a couple corners ahead. For example, if the exit of the track is on the right, you want to make sure you’re already on the right side of the track while coming up to the exit - so you’re not cutting anyone off doing a fast lap while you’re exiting. Make sure to slow down earlier then the exit, don’t slam on the breaks right at the exit. A rider could be behind you and not be prepared to slow down suddenly. A safe way to exit the track is slow down and before you get to the exit lift your left hand up to be visible for those riders behind you, or riders trying to enter. 

Things to note if you’re a newer rider or like taking it slow on the track, before going on the track try and see what type of riders are out there at that time. If there is a lot of faster riders, maybe wait for 15 – 20 minutes and see if they finish up their ride.


SurfinBerms Track/Trail Markings:

Green – Comfortable with rolling table tops, and doubles. Okay with going up and down small hills.

Blue – Confident going up and down larger hills. Comfortable with wheels coming off the ground.

Black – Confident with wheels coming off the ground. Higher speed sections. Steeper hills and jump obstacles.

Learning area – usually these will be wide open spaces, or large ovals to get comfortable on your bike.

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