A Lap Around - West Confederation Park Pump Track

Rider: Danika White
On Board: Devinci Sabbath 


The newest Pump Track in Calgary opening in 2023! The West Confederation Pump Track is located in a beautiful area of Calgary, and accessible by city pathways. This riding area is open to riders of all ages and skill levels. For anyone that doesn't know what a pump track is, it's a paved course that is designed to be ridden without pedalling or pushing. So much fun, a great work out, and an awesome bike skill to learn/practice! 


This is a free park to visit. Be respectful. Keep it clean.
This Pump Track was built for bicycles so the berms and rollers are most suited for bicycles. BMX and Dirt Jumper style bikes would work best, but all bicycles will work. Smaller riders can even ride balance bikes to build confidence and skills. Scooters and skateboards would also be able to get around the track.
There is road parking close to the park, as well as a parking lot across the street. Make sure to keep house parking clear. There are seasonal washrooms near the track at the splash park to the North West side of the track. There are city bicycle paths connecting to the area so you can ride in!
 West Confederation Park Pump Track Calgary Alberta


As a SurfinBerms representative, this is a Green and Blue rated course. There are two loops at this course:

Beginner Loop - GREEN Very easy small multiple corner loop, with a couple of rollers. A really great course even for more experienced riders. Riders can advance on this course and has great rollers to practice manuals.

Advanced loop BLUE - Longer loops, with steeper berms, and corners turning each way. This is a mirrored loop, which makes it interesting. It's a very safe and user friendly Blue loop.

The Parks Foundation Calgary did an amazing job on making this pump track come to life! This is the third Velosolutions asphalt Parks Foundation course in the city.

Visit https://www.parksfdn.com/westconfedpumptrack for more info!

SurfinBerms is not affiliated with any riding areas or tracks. These reviews come from our observations gathered from first hand usage of the areas. These reviews are meant to give new riders to these areas a general idea of what to expect. Our goal is to get more and new riders to these great areas!
Green – Comfortable with basic bike controls, rolling small obstacles. Okay with going up and down small hills.
Blue – Confident with bike controls. Confident going up and down larger hills. Comfortable with wheels coming off the ground.
Black – Confident with wheels coming off the ground. Higher speed sections. Steeper hills and jump obstacles.

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