A Lap Around - Temple Hill Motorcycle Park

A Lap Around – Temple Hill Motorcycle Park – Lethbridge Motorcycle Club
Raymond, Alberta, Canada

Temple Hill Motorcycle Park also referred to as Raymond, is located just south Lethbridge in a small town called Raymond. The facility is open weather depending. The amazing thing about this facility is you can almost ride year-round on rubber! The area is pretty sandy, and open so snow melts quick in this area. If you are coming from out of town, one thing to note is check the weather, especially the wind forecast. Raymond is located in the Pincher Creek area which is the windiest area in Alberta. Which is a benefit, because if you don’t mind riding in wind there won’t be many riders on those days.



What to expect

- Check the Lethbridge Motorcycle Club Instagram before going just in case the facility is closed for any reasons, or having an event. 

- This track is run by a keyed entry. To sign in, pay and get a key - you go to the FasGas convenience store in Raymond and get signed in with the cashier. If you need snacks or water make sure to grab them at the gas station (there are no concessions at the track)

- Day fee is $20 CASH per rider. There is an ATM available in the gas station.

- When arriving to the track, your key unlocks the main gate, make sure to close and lock the gate behind you.

- There are porta-potties on site for washrooms.

- Tracks are generally not prepped, which leaves them in a natural old school motocross style. Another great trait is the sandy soil content does not get as hard packed as other clay-based tracks in Alberta. This track will form/push as you ride.

- Great spectating area for the Main and Mini Tracks. 


This facility is great for all levels and ages of riders. There’s a lot of space and a beginner oval if you’re learning to ride. There is a designated mini track that has a nice and long lap time, all levels of minis from 50cc – 85cc, this would be a GREEN rated mini track. The main track is a very long track, and has a lot of different obstacles. You can keep wheels on the ground at this track but can also excel to try different table tops and gap style jumps. This would be a BLUE rated main track.


SurfinBerms is not affiliated with any riding areas or tracks. These reviews come from our observations gathered from first hand usage of the areas. These reviews are meant to give new riders to these areas a general idea of what to expect. Our goal is to get more and new riders to these great areas!

SurfinBerms Track/Trail Markings:
Green – Comfortable with rolling table tops, and doubles. Okay with going up and down small hills.
Blue – Confident going up and down larger hills. Comfortable with wheels coming off the ground.
Black – Confident with wheels coming off the ground. Higher speed sections. Steeper hills and jump obstacles.
Learning Area – Usually these will be wide open spaces, or large ovals to get comfortable on your bike.

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