A Lap Around | Quail Canyon MX + Hungry Valley SVRA

Rider: Danika White On Board: Husqvarna 2023 FE 501s
Event: Babes in the Dirt 7

A Motocross track, GP Track, Mini track and a huge network of trail systems all in one place! Hungry Valley is the third largest unit of California State Park's Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. Located near Gorman California, Hungry Valley offers 19,000 acres and over 130 miles of scenic trails for motorcycle, ATV, dune buggy, and 4x4 recreation. This is an amazing spot to visit, especially while the Babes in the Dirt event is happening. If you were on the fence about attending Babes in the Dirt, we highly recommend going!

This exploring was done on the Advanced Husqvarna Demo loop at Babes in the Dirt 7 through Quail Canyon.

The GP Track is an awesome track to learn and develop moto skills, or for advanced riders to enjoy a fun flowy lap! This track is nice and wide, so even if you're on a slow lap there is some good space to pass. There are some hills but with the track being wide and smooth they are very forgiving to try. This track is great for all levels of riders, and is very scenic! 

The Main Track is a great flowy vet style track. We've rated this course blue, since there are some hill sections, double jumps and tight corners but everything on this track can be safely rolled. The dirt is sandy-loam to hard pack once riders start putting some lines in. The track has a long lap time which is nice to spread riders out. The state parks officers do groom the track and water. This was during Babes in the Dirt so the track was just freshly groomed. 


As a SurfinBerms representative, the Hungry Valley SRVA Area Trails are Green, Blue and Black rated. The great thing is most these trails are marked for your skill level. Make sure to follow proper trail etiquette and be aware of two way trails!

Map of the SVRA:

The trail system at Hungry Valley really caters to all levels of riders. You can find open areas to practice in or flowy wide sandy trails with small hills to start advancing if you're a new rider. Then work your way up to more advanced sections with larger hills, tight embankments, and rocky areas!

As with all riding facilities and areas always be respectful and keep it clean. There is running water in the restroom building near the Quail Canyon MX track. It has multiple stalls and sinks to wash hands.

The park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Day use is $5. Dry camping is $10. Fires are currently allowed in self contained BBQs and provided fire pits. They must be attended at all times and fire pits must be doused with water when going to bed/leaving.
More questions? Call 661.248.7007. For track info, call 661.858.6944.
Camping available throughout areas of the park, for more OHV information visit https://ohv.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=1192 

Babes in the Dirt info, check them out! https://www.babesinthedirt.com/  

Location of Quail Canyon MX 

SurfinBerms is not affiliated with any riding areas or tracks. These reviews come from our observations gathered from first hand usage of the areas. These reviews are meant to give new riders to these areas a general idea of what to expect. Our goal is to get more and new riders to these great areas!

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