A Lap Around - Inglewood Pump Track


Situated right off Blackfoot Trail and Deerfoot Trail in Calgary, AB lies an asphalt Pump Track in the community of Inglewood. It is open to riders of all ages and skill levels. For anyone that doesn't know what a pump track is, it's a paved course that is designed to be ridden without pedaling or pushing. So much fun, a great work out, and an awesome bike skill to learn/practice!


As a SurfinBerms representative, this is a Green and Blue rated course. This is a free park to visit. Be respectful. Keep it clean.
There is a small parking lot off of the street. Make sure to park off the road and keep houses clear.
There are no washrooms on site.
There are bicycle paths connecting to the area from the Bow River.

There are two loops at this course:

Beginner Loop - GREEN - Very easy small two corner loop, with a couple of rollers.

Advanced loop - BLUE - Longer loops, with steeper berms, and corners turning each way.

Come shred!



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