A Lap Around - Fairview Pump Track


Hidden right off McLeod Trail in South East Calgary, AB lies an asphalt Pump Track. It is open to riders of all ages and skill levels. For anyone that doesn't know what a pump track is, it's a paved course that is designed to be ridden without pedaling or pushing. So much fun, a great work out, and an awesome bike skill to learn/practice! 



Bikes, scooters and skateboards are allowed on this pump track.
As per the Notice Board - "This pump track has been provided by the Fairview Community Association for the use of all non-motorized, wheeled users."

This track is labelled as a beginner to advanced course by Fairview. As a SurfinBerms representative, this is a Green and Blue rated course. 

This is a free park to visit. Be respectful. Keep it clean.

There is limited parking. Park off the road and keep houses clear.

There are no washrooms on site.

There is an off leash dog area down the street.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory at the track. 

There are technically three loops at this course:

Beginner Loop - GREEN - Very easy small two corner loop, with a couple of rollers. 

Easy Loop - GREEN - Multiple corners, longer roller sections.

Advanced loop - BLUE - This is the same course as the easy loop, just with two jump features at the start of the roll in. 

Come shred! 

SurfinBerms is not affiliated with any riding areas or tracks. These reviews come from our observations gathered from first hand usage of the areas. These reviews are meant to give new riders to these areas a general idea of what to expect. Our goal is to get more and new riders to these great areas!

This park is here because of these amazing people, associations and businesses


SurfinBerms Track/Trail Markings:
Green – Comfortable with rolling table tops, and doubles. Okay with going up and down small hills.
Blue – Confident going up and down larger hills. Comfortable with wheels coming off the ground.
Black – Confident with wheels coming off the ground. Higher speed sections. Steeper hills and jump obstacles.
Learning Area – Usually these will be wide open spaces, or large ovals to get comfortable on your bike.

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